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Over 30 authors are contributing to this amazing cause and will be adding new material to FEARLESS: Stories about badassery, bravery, and beating the odds.
Short stories, sneak peeks, alternative POVs ranging from contemporary to PNR, both M/F and RH.

It has everything--but most important is the message of overcoming challenges in the face of self-doubt, misfortune, and adversary.
And all the proceeds go to Darkness to Light, children who are facing the same thing; unfortunately, their story isn't fiction. Hopefully, our contribution will get them what they need so that they can become them again.
Heavenly Falls:
Seven Heavenly Virtues Shared World

It’s easy being an angel.
Growing up in Heaven, believing you can do no wrong.
But what happens when all of that grace is ripped out of your very existence?
Snatched from your grasp because of one mistake.
One moment that becomes your worst sin.
These seven angels know what it’s like to embrace their one true sin.

This is a multi-author anthology. Stories may have a trigger warning and end on a cliffhanger. Please beware before reading.
My story is an exclusive sneak peek of Disgraced,
Book One of my upcoming Conviction series.
Check it out here:
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