I think everyone knows by now that I LOVE recommending books and supporting other authors. ❤️
Welcome to October's Chaotic Book Fair!

Every month, I'll be bringing you a mix of books from every genre and trope! From contemporary to PNR to Sci-fi. These books could be available in Kindle Unlimited or other platforms, deeply discounted, limited edition, and maybe even FREE. 😉

Some authors may be more well-known. Some may be brand new.
Take a peek and find some beloved favorites or new-to-you authors.

Snatch it up while you have the chance!

A Night of Sin and Corruption

New Release

Tell me, which sin is whispering your name?
Which limits will you break?
Which lines will you cross?
In dark corners hidden from prying eyes, you’ll find every sin you’ve ever craved. Relinquish control and embrace your desires. Allow the pleasures of the flesh to consume you. But know, you may never be the same.
Exquisite and decadent debauchery awaits you just inside these doors … if you dare. Only those brave enough to cross this threshold, allowing their inhibitions to ebb away, will be granted a night of pure ecstasy and unfettered access to one of our seven floors, each dedicated to a single deadly sin.
Are you brave enough to enter Club Rapture for a night of sin and corruption?

*Ten amazing authorshave come together to bring you a contemporary dark and deadly sins anthology like you've never read before. These seven stories will be scorching, packed with panty melting smut, tantalizing lies, and deadly deception all tied toone pleasure filled night. Each author will deliver a sinful, novella-sized story containing the first chapters of their Vices and Hedonism shared world book. Please keep in mind when you're reading thateach book within this anthology will end on a cliffhanger,and there will be a slew of triggers, so if you have any, these may not be the stories for you.

For Charity

DISSENT is a charity romance anthology with NEW, never before published content from 150 authors of all romance genres.

All proceeds from the eBook and paperbacks will be donated to organizations benefiting reproductive rights in the United States, particularly in areas where people need them more than ever.

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