Entwined series
Book One


What would it be like to have my family’s love?
I’ve been running for years.
From the run-down trailer park.
From the overly greedy hands.
From the memories and the pain.
From everything that forever haunts me.
What would it be like to be normal?
I’ve been searching for love my whole life.
For the attention that comes with.
For the comfort of monotony.
For the man that knows how to love.
For a life that isn’t a struggle.
What would it be like to finally love myself?
I’ve been burdened with a curse.
With an overwhelming identity confusion.
With an abundance of magic I can’t outrun.
With an opportunity to love someone.
With a love from a man who accepts me as I am.
*Splintered is a paranormal gender bender romance with MM and MF scenes. There are dark themes that may be triggering for some. Recommended for 18 and over due to graphic scenes, sexual and otherwise. This is Book 1 in the Entwined series and will end on a cliffhanger.

*Currently available in the After the Rain anthology
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