Glitched Intentions


Some secrets were never meant to exist.


I lost my entire future.

For some, that might be enough torture.

For others, it wasn’t nearly enough.

For whoever was harassing me online, the digital world wasn’t enough.


Some secrets were never meant to be buried.


That’s when the deliveries started.

Packages left on my doorstep.

Services showing up for repairs.

Food that I never ordered.


Some secrets were never meant to be kept.


Then I met him.

My silver-haired savior.

My corrupted defender.

My ultimate destruction.


Some secrets were too deadly to keep.


*Glitched Intentions is a contemporary age gap romance with cyberbullying, dark themes, sexual scenes, violence, and foul language that some readers may find triggering. Recommended for 18+ due to mature content.

*Previously in the NSFL anthology.

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