Havensridge University Book 2

A Dark College Bully Reverse Harem

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College was going to be my fresh start.
I refused to let anyone ruin that.
Especially the three douche-canoes that wouldn’t leave me alone.
No matter how much I wanted to give in to their delicious temptation.
No matter how their every touch set my body ablaze.
No matter that every look sent my heart into overdrive.

I refused to let them beat me down.
Especially when my past catches up to me.
Sinking it’s claws straight into my new life, refusing to let go.
It’s wielded like a knife straight into the center of my heart.
A blade permanently imbedded into my being.
A never-ending scar on my soul.

But maybe…
Just maybe…
That past was the defense I needed to protect my heart from breaking all over again.

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