One More Click


True love.
That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?
A love that would stand the tests of time.
A relationship that would never falter.
A person to grow old with. 
That’s what I wanted when I signed up for all of those dating apps. 
There were so many people out there looking for the same thing I was.
One of them was bound to be the one, right?
My one?

True love.
What a crock.
More like true despair.
All I received for my efforts was a stalker that turned my every fantasy into a nightmare. 
A man that built up my hopes just to destroy them. 
And a game that had deadly consequences.

So, you know what?
F*ck waiting for true love.
I’ll take it from the one I choose.

*One More Click is a contemporary suspense romance with dark themes, violence, and sexual content that some readers may find triggering. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content. 
This book can be read as a standalone

*Previously in the For the Love of You anthology*

Copyright © 2021 C.E. Lashua, All rights reserved.