Frosted Hearts
Snowfall Duet
Book 1


Sure, the snow was beautiful.
The cabin was luxurious.
The fireplace was crackling.
But I would’ve given anything,
And I mean ANYTHING,
To get back home.
Where my dream job was waiting for me.
A job I spent years,
And I do mean YEARS,
Chasing after.
A job that represented a future
No more than a fantasy.
Instead, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere.
In a forced vacation retreat.
In the center of a massive snowstorm.
With the electricity constantly on the fritz.
Though, I suppose life got more interesting
When the Carter brothers showed up,
Half-naked and pounding on my door.
Until they decided it was a great time
To delve into the dark corners of my past.
*Frosted Hearts is a MFM contemporary romance with themes that may be triggering for some. Recommended for 18 and over due to graphic scenes, sexual and otherwise. This is Book 1 in a Duet and will end on a cliffhanger.

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