Aiden's Awakening
The Midnight Hour
Book 1


Halloween is ridiculous. Seriously.
It’s all about little kids dressing up and pretending to be scared.
Why pretend?
It doesn’t make life any more bearable.
Why dress up as something that you’re never going to be able to become?
Life’s full of enough disappointments.
Mine is anyway.

I’ve had everything taken away from me.
A drunk driver stole my parents.
My relatives stole my college future.
My ex-boyfriend stole my innocence. 

Now some old-time spirit thinks he can just show up and steal my heart.
In more ways than one.
Like sacrificing me is going to turn Halloween back into the Samhain it used to be.
Maybe he’s right. 
Maybe the world would be better off for it.
And maybe...
Just maybe...
I don’t need that future to get my happy ending.

*Aiden’s Awakening is a dark paranormal romance novel. Due to mature content and themes this book is recommended to readers aged eighteen and over. Contains violence, foul language, and sexual scenes.
Aiden's Awakening is currently unpublished and going through a new round of edits.
Copyright © 2021 C.E. Lashua, All rights reserved.