Nicholas' Nightmare
The Midnight Hour
Book 2


I liked my life the way it was before.

The serenity of a comfortable quiet.
The musky smell of old books.
The solitude of a peaceful library.

Before they came to shatter my world.
Elves that wanted to shove their merriment down my throat.
To replace my reality with their warped fantasy.

The isolation of a threatening silence.
The sickening sweetness of candy canes.
The loneliness of a fortified North Pole.

A Santa Clause that was anything but fat or jolly.
An elf that was more Naughty than Nice.
A Christmas Kingdom that wanted me gone.

Too bad for them.
I’m not so easy to get rid of.

*Nicholas’ Nightmare is a dark fantasy romance. Due to mature themes and content, this book is recommended to readers aged eighteen and over. Contains foul language, sexual scenes, violence, and much more that some readers may find triggering.
This book can be read as a standalone.
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